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About Luken Holdings

More Options For Your Ideal Space

With more than 40 choice real estate holdings in our portfolio, Chattanooga-based Luken Holdings offers you an unparalleled variety of properties. You can select the perfect location for your business from more than 2 million square feet of office, retail and industrial space. Whether you prefer old world elegance, sleeky modern, or something in between, you’re sure to find a property that reflects your personal style. Even the terms will be a perfect fit thanks to our customized leasing packages. When it comes to finding your ideal space, no company can offer you more options.

Company History

When Stone Fort Land Company and Osborne Enterprises, including the Osborne Building Corporation were both purchased by Bob Corker in early 1999, it constituted the convergence of two of the oldest and most influential real estate companies in Chattanooga. When Henry Luken purchased the Corker Portfolio including his management company, The Corker Group, in January 2006, the name changed to Luken Holdings but the tradition of unparalleled excellence and commitment to Chattanooga has stayed its course.

The legacy is rich and deeply steeped in Chattanooga history. Under the ownership of J.T. Lupton and his successors, Stone Fort Land Company played a key role in the commercial development of downtown Chattanooga. Its history can be traced back to 1886; making is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, continually operating companies in Chattanooga. The company also pioneered the concept of the industrial park and developed the city’s first, along Amnicola Highway. In partnership with L&N Railroad, the company developed the old downtown rail station, now the location of the Krystal and Tallan Buildings. Like Stone Fort Land Company, Osborne was also responsible for promoting substantial economic growth for Chattanooga through several significant commercial developments. Founded in 1936 by Weldon F. Osborne, the company’s first focus was home building. However, the 1949 construction of Osborne Shopping Center in East Ridge not only constituted the company’s transition into commercial real estate; it was the first shopping center in the state of Tennessee. Much as the Stone Fort Land Company and Osborne Building Corporation were committed to developments that would foster greater economic opportunity for Chattanooga, Luken Holdings is also dedicated to continuing each company’s history of positive growth and the long tradition of commercial and economic development established by each company over the past century.

Our team at Luken Holdings is constantly forward thinking, staying ahead of market trends. Most of our tenants are small business owners just like us. A key component of our success is our flexibility and creativity working with those affected by trying market conditions. We have established excellent customer loyalty over the years. We know what is good and fair for our tenants and for this community will be good in the long run for our company and for our employees.