Construction, Renovation, and Repair

Luken Holdings specializes in everything related to real estate in Chattanooga, including construction. You’ll be shocked at the value the Luken Contracting team brings to its clients. We can assist you with any aspect of your construction project. Whether it be renovations, build-to-suit customization/Tenant build outs, HVAC installation, LED lighting installation or retrofitting, and more.

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For both interiors and exteriors

Our experts can create an upscale presentation of your brand without the usual price tag. Only need a few updates? We offer our services as a package or à la carte. If you want to replace flooring, expand or construct an entirely new building, you’ll get the same great value and integrity you expect from Luken Holdings.

Whether you want modern or traditional elegance, our in-house General Contractor and construction specialists will save you significant time, effort, and expenses on many types of contracting services. Whether you need a new break room complete with appliances, a bathroom renovation, a new floorplan to accommodate expansion, a refreshed retail façade, or an entirely new building, get a competitive edge. Contact us about your upcoming project today.


Create The Perfect Location:

  • New Construction

    Our skilled contracting team can facilitate all of the material, labor, equipment and services necessary for the success of your project. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs, from ground-breaking to move in.

  • Renovations (interior and exterior)

    Whether your current space needs a small facelift or a complete overhaul, Luken Contracting is here for you. From entire buildings to small suites, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to reality.

  • General Repairs

    With just one phone call, let our professionals handle all your maintenance needs. We handle plumbing, electrical, roof and siding repair, painting, and the list goes on and on. Call us for your free quote.

  • LED Lighting Installation and Retrofitting

    We offer the best in Chattanooga for LED lighting. From installation to repair and replacement, let us help you save money by upgrading to a new energy efficient LED lighting system. Since LED lights are more energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs, you’ll see a savings in your electric bill. And with a longer lifespan, LED lights save on costs for replacement over the long term.

  • HVAC Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

    Has your old HVAC unit bit the dust? Luken Contracting can provide insight on just the right unit to suit your home or business. We’ll make sure that it’s installed properly and running efficiently.

  • Solar Panel Installation

    After installing solar panels on several of our buildings, we now provide solar panel installation to the public. Some customers are able to utilize government tax credits to offset the initial installation costs. The savings will be apparent on your first electric bill with credits from your local utility company. Not only will you save money, but you will also be helping to save the environment.

Construction Expertise

Sticker shock for outsourced renovations and maintenance of our own properties drove Luken Holdings to carefully cultivate a specialized team of experts to save on these costs, bringing the best value possible to our tenants. Vast purchasing power coupled with the extensive contracting expertise of our General Contractor and his team brings our clients a competitive advantage. After many years of firsthand experience with the long-term results of our own work, we know the best construction techniques, materials, and cost saving measures for commercial property.


Developing our own team of experts with decades of experience has allowed us to develop a process for design and construction that is tailor-made for property owners and tenants. Our expertise is knowing where to save and where to spend for the best presentation and least cost, a perfect combination for both property owners and tenants.


Simply put, our team outperforms other contractors in terms of quality and cost- over both the short and long term. Those who use our construction services for the customization of their space tell us time and time again: Luken offers the best value in Chattanooga for construction and renovation.


Put your goals on the fast track by taking full advantage of both our Contracting team and Real Estate agency for your next move or expansion. With a full understanding of both the market and construction, our collective knowledge yields more choices for our clients.

From Modern to Traditional

Whether your commercial space needs to be built from the ground up, requires repairs, or you simply need a fresh look for your façade or interior spaces, contact us online or call (423) 756-1200 for more information or a quote.