Lindsay Commons

For downtown office space, Lindsay Commons offers versatility of open office spaces or classic office arrangements at a great value. With many versatile layout options, this location is ideal for an office, internet business, or data center. Our leases provide convenience and peace of mind, providing maintenance and utilities to all Lindsay Commons tenants.       


Convenient to downtown amenities, a great value in office space can be found at Lindsay Commons.  Tenants rave about our renowned property management team, and love the value of construction services offered by Luken Contracting for the customization of their work spaces.  Contact us for a personalized tour of Lindsay Commons, which offers:  

  • Secure, convenient work environment just off of Georgia Avenue
  • Existing raised server room floors available in some areas
  • Great value for office or internet business operations 
  • A lease tailored for your business needs
  • Large adjoining spaces available
  • Outstanding “one phone call” service for tenants
  • Custom construction available to suit your business, brand, and budget
  • Internet speeds up to 10 GB available
  • Reduced golf membership rates at Luken Golf